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What our clients say...

Sharon has been my supervisor for over 5 years now and I found her style and approach very warm and empowering. Sharon has supervised me since I started in private practice I feel that she has been supportive has given insight and guidance in my work. I feel safe and free to develop my own style and as a result I feel my confidence and knowledge has grown as a counsellor. I have also benefited from Sharon's recommendations on various courses, suggested interventions, and theoretical approaches. Sharon has been great when there's been challenging cases and has always ensured I work safely and ethically. 

Dorlisa Purkiss MBACP, Counsellor & Family Practitioner 


I made the decision to choose Sharon as my Business Mentor. With her support, experience and guidance I was able to register my business and couldn’t believe how smooth the process was.

Marcia Jones, Sister2SisterBU Ltd


When I was a student Sharon supported me with understanding what I was learning, I could discuss the course with her and it helped me to connect the theory with the practical work.  Sharon explains different theories and how they are used in connection to my course work

and as a Christian counsellor it was very helpful to have her as a supervisor as I am able to ask religious questions.   




I have particularly enjoyed the sensitive way you have led the lectures (plus, I could listen to your lovely voice for hours!! 😂) and your encouraging comments to us as a group when we are nervous about a challenge we are facing......making it seem more 'do-able!' Even in this morning's session, I learned so much just observing the sensitive way you led our group....a great role model – thank you.


Beth – Student

I have found having counselling with Sharon a safe space to share my innermost thoughts and I have been able to process my feelings. It has helped me immensely.


Client A


We started counselling as a couple coming from two different perspectives. Sharon gave us the space and explored a range of tools that we could use to help us to build on our relationship.


Couple B

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